3-loft Tiny

When you type Tiny Houses into YouTube you get all these little houses o  wheels, that look soooooooooooo alike. Boring, when you search for new ideas.

Loft                  or no loft ? 

Screenshot_12     Screenshot_7

Finally after working myself through several ideas and watching and Googling for months I had a good idea for our Tiny Cob/Bamboo House.  Three levels close to each other, that you can get easily from one to the other. We need to sleep between 5 and 10 persons, so space stacked on top of each other made a lot of sense.

From having finally found my design, I felt tempted, if it could be transported to the typical tiny house on wheels. A 3 D program helped to get it done.

Here is the result:

  • open floor plan, only one wall to bathroom
  • bath and kitchen as far from each other as possible
  • entrance in middle
  • 2 fold-up decks
  • two French glass doors diagonal from each other to access the decks
  • an irregular (not square) loft at 1.5 m with a sitting area under it
  • a second irregular loft at 2.3 m, which can be reached from the first
  • a third smaller loft over the bathroom at 2.5 m (for kids or storage)
  • bathtub
  • wood stove or other heating (no aircon!)
  • lots of windows for light and ventilation
  • small fridge and small cooker, big sink (go tiny in the kitchen)
  • built-in outside storage under the table (outside cooking, barbecue)




view on entrance door with front deck



back side and deck



Screenshot_8      Screenshot_6




loft 1 at 1.5 m


loft 2 at 2.3 m



view from top on both lofts


If you want to have the full plans with measurements in metric and feet please donate for our project and we will email you a link for the page where it is hosted. Please state in the donation “Tiny House” and give your email.

In case you don’t get an answer within a week please email: US.Centerforchildren@gmail.com (only for this!)

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