Beehive bamboo-ricehusk

270 sqf

Screenshot_122Screenshot_128    Screenshot_126  Screenshot_121

I saw Owen Geiger’s earth bag designs and that inspired me to play around a little bit with a hexagonal form. It should get the same bamboo-rice husk- mud walls. It will be 3.50 m at its highest point and get a square roof, that creates rain sheltered spaces. There will be a small storage/emergency sleeping loft on top of the bathroom. All beds are fold-downs (bamboo frame fixed on wall). It is pretty small and needs only a 6×6 m square to build it on. It should be possible to build it in 1-2 weeks. It takes a skilled crew of 1-3 days to erect a bamboo house of this size. The leaf roof comes in pre-fabricated panels and goes up very fast as well. If the roof is on, the proper walls can be constructed over the bamboo frame, even if it rains. The floors are going to be bamboo as well. There won’t be hardly any plumbing to do (one drain for the bathtub) and sinks. Small 12V solar system, to charge phone and laptops, solar lights. The kitchen will be non-electric with Zeer Pot and hand cranked appliances and gassifier cooker. The toilet will be a compost bucket design with separation for the urine.  The house is planned for one adult with 4-5 children. It could be built with earth bags as well and be partly earth-sheltered. When needed it can be extended by adding half or a full hexagon. A wall to the South would keep the sun away and create a courtyard. A chicken run and Coop could be added to the east.  (only animation)

With walled garden and 2 additional rooms (plus 1 loft), 400 sqf

Screenshot_176    Screenshot_177       Screenshot_173 Screenshot_174Screenshot_179    Screenshot_180 Screenshot_181

“Very big” version with 2 hexagonals (540 sqf)

Screenshot_171     Screenshot_172 Screenshot_164     Screenshot_165 Screenshot_167    Screenshot_170