I like to live simple and in harmony with nature. I love animals and nature. I love my kids and want to give them proper messages onto their way into life. I love to explore and do new things. I love challenges. I love people and to interact and help them. I love to be a doctor in the original sense and I want to allow me the luxury to do this. Not to care about administration and to be sued, but to care and give without caring too much about money. I need your help with donations to make my and my kids dreams come true. We will share it out to all the people we work with. We are Christians, but we don’t see us as missionaries. I am a doctor. I am a mother. I am a builder. I am an explorer. I want to respect nature and not live against it and destroy it. I like technology, if it is ecological. I enjoy my Wifi and hot water, but time is spent  much more intensively without electricity. I love to raise animals and to receive their love back. That is my motor when people disappoint me. I can always rely on my dog or cat or whatever. They keep me going.

This is us:

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The 3 Loft idea

I lived tiny before it became popular. In the 80s we traveled Europe with an old VW camper van. In the 90s it became a more modern model. In Thailand we moved into a barn with lots of open space for animals, but only two 3×3 rooms for 2 adults and 9 children. We improved the house and built more rooms, but though it all became prettier, we longed for the old days.Living chaotically and cramped together with a herd of goats, who stole our bread at breakfast. My kids have all their own rooms, but they prefer to share rooms and beds and the best is still Mamy’s bed. Today I am living in a 3.5×3.5 guesthouse room with my son and 2 dogs plus 1-2 kids sleeping over on weekends.

As we plan to move to a villageand need a place to live, I started to look into the Tiny House movement and watched youtube videos for ideas.

I noticed that most have 1 or 2 lofts or no lofts. All lofts are high with ladders or small stairs. Most houses feel narrow. 

I saw only one video about a container home in NZ that had a different approach.

When I started to play around with ideas, I developed this further for a bamboo mud house for us.

I liked, what I got and then tried to get this idea onto a typical tine house floor plan of 8×24 feet. I used Sweet Home 3D for getting a proper impression and kind of reality check of my model.

It has:

  • open floor plan, only wall to bathroom
  • bath and kitchen as far from each other as possible
  • entrance at length
  • two French glass doors diagonal from each other
  • an irregular (not square) loft at 1.5 m with a sitting area under it
  • a second irregular loft at 2.3 m, which can be reached from the first
  • a third smaller loft over the bathroom at 2.5 m
  • bathtub
  • fireplace
  • lots of windows
  • small fridge and small cooker, big sink
  • built-in outside storage under the table
  • fold-up deck with fold-down roof for outside cooking
  • fold-up deck at door

I did not plan build-in furniture, plumbing, electric, people can do this as they like. I used the icons the program provided plus a few imported ones.

The lofts can be used either for sleeping or office or additional sitting area. The top one can take a double bed. People can slightly adjust the forms for the needs of their furniture.

I slept for 2 years on a loft with a ladder and know how that is with going to the bathroom at night… I fell down steep stairs once and hurt myself pretty bad..

The ladder could be replaced with fancy stairs with storage. It is not difficult to get up to 1.5m and from there 80 cm or 1 m higher. 1.5 m is comfortable to sit under, if you choose your furniture wisely.

The irregular shape of the lofts leaves in two places good headroom and, it least in the virtual visit, feels spacious.

I am sure there are good arguments against my floor plan, but so far I haven’t seen it anywhere on youtube. Some people might want to adjust the space you climb through to the 2nd loft or change the position of the ladder. It looks ok for me, but bodies are different.

Do you think I solved the old debate: loft or no loft?


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